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Rainey’s Ramblings July 8, 2012

More ramblings from the mind of Rainey…

*If we are so smart, how do animals know of impending storms or disasters before we do?
*Why do humans have internal organs that we don’t really need? Will future humans be born without these unneeded organs as humans evolve?
*Why are the males in the animal world the flashy ones? Women, where did WE go wrong? ( Don’t know about you, but I would give up make-up)
*If I had never tasted sugar and I tasted it now, would I dislike it?
*Do animals suffer from mental disorders? If so, how do the other animals treat them?
*Why do we assign power to some words ( curse words), then get upset when kids say them? They are just words….sounds…they mean whatever we say they mean.
*Why do we base everything we do on the almighty dollar: a worthless piece of paper! Wouldn’t it be easier to barter for what we need?
*Who ever looked at a clown and thought it would be a great idea to have at a CHILD’S party? Those guys are creepy as hell! (No offence, Le Clown)
*Why does society want to medicate every unique trait we have? Are we aiming for conformity, or a ‘superior race’ (is Hitler back?) of dullness?
*Why do some people who dislike children become teachers?
~ ~ ~
Just some thoughts I’ve had today that I thought I would share.



9 Responses to “Rainey’s Ramblings”

  1. These are very good questions and some excellent points you raise. And I kind of like the idea of bringing back the barter system! 🙂

  2. Nice ramblings! These totally got my head wheels turning.

    I’m with you about the teachers. How indeed do child haters get into that profession? Are they busted control freaks, who failed at dictating other adults? Or do they become embittered gradually after years of broken dreams? It is more common than it should be.

    Also, down with clowns.

  3. I think animals, specially pets, suffer from mental illness too. At least depression. When we moved to our new place, my cat didn’t want to play for about two or three weeks. He went from being an outdoor cat to an indoor one and I could see it in his face he was depressed. He didn’t eat much and didn’t move much either 😦

    Oh, and humans and their double standards. Gaaaah. They get mad when their kids lie to them but then they made the very same kids to lie for them on the phone when someone calls….

  4. I was just discussing some of these exact topics this morning…interesting!

  5. Excellent questions, all.

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