Rainey Daze and Crazy Nights

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Bullet Dodged July 8, 2012

J, my daughter, is feeling better this morning. She said it really helped to have my dogs there with her. She’s still down about the breakup with her boyfriend, but not dangerously so. I feel much better about her. I think the worst is behind her and now she’s on the upswing. Times like these I feel like I have dodged a bullet!
J also visited my parents yesterday. They asked how E, my other daughters life partner, was doing!!! This is HUGE!! My parents are racist and homophobic, so this was a big deal. My parents are stuck in the mindset of their generation, and it is hard for them. They are really trying to show support, and I love them for that. I knew my dad would be okay, but my mom…well, she is very judgmental. She and I still have issues, but she loves me and my kids.
Now that the crisis is over, I guess I can go back to contemplating life…



4 Responses to “Bullet Dodged”

  1. clownonfire Says:

    What a relief. Have a peaceful Sunday.
    Le Clown

  2. Glad to hear it! It’s wonderful that she’s out of the dangerous place right now. As well, congratulations to you both for her getting a grip on things while on her own and for you letting it happen and taking care of yourself.

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