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Alone with My Thoughts July 7, 2012

I wonder…
If I lived by the water, would I still feel that sense of peace I get now when I sit by a body of water?
Why so many people intentionally try to hurt ( emotionally and physically) others?
What people really see when they look at me?
Why is sand so soft, when it is really just tiny rocks?
Why I spent my life accumulating so much ” stuff” that I now wish I didn’t have?
What would happen if I just disappeared and started a whole new life?
Why are most bathing suits so uncomfortable?
How can anyone harm an animal?
Why am I here? What is my purpose?
Why bad foods taste so good?
Why innocent children are raped, diseased, or murdered? What is the point?
Why do we most humans look at movie stars as idols, and yet police, firefighters, and teachers are seldom appreciated and usually low paid?
Why nature is so beautiful, but humans continue to destroy it?
Why smoking weed is illegal, but tobacco and alcohol are not?
( Just for the record, I’ve had none of the above…today…lol)
I guess I’m in a strange mood. I just have all of these random thoughts bouncing in my head; some serious, some not so much.  When I am alone with my thoughts, this is what happens! Kind of scary, huh? What are some of your ” I wonder…” thoughts?


10 Responses to “Alone with My Thoughts”

  1. backonmyown Says:

    Hi Rainey. I’ve only recently found your blog and am now following. I’m “alone with my thoughts” much too often now that I’m divorced and living alone. I have pondered many of the questions you listed above. Unfortunately, Who am I? and Why am I here? top my list these days. I’m trying to learn to embrace my alone-ness and not give in to loneliness.
    Some days are better than others. I wish you peace and grace–and the same to your daughter.

    • rainey Says:

      Thank you for your words. It is hard when you feel alone. I wish you well, and I will take a peek at your blog when I get back in the world of laptops and internet! ~Rainey

    • rainey Says:

      Back on my own,
      Thanks for joining my little blogging world! So many of us struggle with those same thoughts. Thank you for your good wishes. Hugs, Rainey

  2. Reblogged this on Summer Solstice Musings and commented:
    Been wondering that all my life as well…. 😦

  3. If wondering those things are being in a strange mood, then I’ve been in a strange mood all my life!

  4. Fred Says:

    I especially like the point about bad food being bad for you. If I’m supposed to eat carrots and spinach, then why do I prefer burgers and pasta? Arrrgh! 😉

  5. C Says:

    I wonder if my current state of being is as good as I can hope for. This is the best I’ve felt in a very, very long time, but I’m far from feeling good.

    I can answer a couple of your questions though, from my point of view. 🙂 I did give up everything and moved from the mid-West to the East Coast to be near the ocean and started a new life alone here about 6 years ago. Since then I met my now wife and have made a couple real close friends. Sitting by the water’s edge is still just as peaceful as it was the first night that I arrived here. As for the other things, I often wonder many of the things you listed.

    • rainey Says:

      Maybe your current state is just a stepping stone to greater things, where you will be able to say you DO feel good! Thanks for you feedback about the water; I’ve often wondered. I plan on moving near the water one day, and I didn’t want to lose that peaceful feeling I get.

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