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Drop Me in the Water July 1, 2012


I am going camping! We found a great campsite by the lake. For the next nine glorious days, I will be burning lounging in the sun, swimming in the lake, and sleeping reading in my chair. Meals will be take-out grilled only. I love camping because it strips away all the distractions and lets me focus on finding my center again. I hope I can teach J (my daughter, see earlier posts) to use this time to nurture herself and refocus as well.

I have no internet access there, so posting and commenting will be limited. I will check in when I can, though, because I have grown to realize how much blogging, and my fellow bloggers, actually mean to me. Talk to  you all soon….

HUGS ~Rainey

PS I am not going to Canada (I wish) but the auto tags included it anyway. WTF??



11 Responses to “Drop Me in the Water”

  1. Haha at the auto-tags. Hope you have fun!

  2. Dorothy Says:

    Have a great time and come back refreshed and ready for more!

  3. Brother Jon Says:

    Hope you have a good time!

  4. Damn Canadians, they’re everywhere, even in your tags! 😉


  5. S. Says:

    Haha! If you are camping you must be going to Canada. After all, the only thing we do here in Canada is camp.
    That’s why.
    Did you also know that we live in igloos in the winter, and have no cars, we use dog teams. We all wear plaid and say eh after every sentence.
    Because after all, people live up to the national ideals all the time! 😛 LoL
    I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing and centring week for both of you. Have you ever asked J to blog? Maybe it would be somewhat cathartic?
    Tons of love, darling!!! I will miss you!!!
    xoxoxoxooxoxox – S.

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