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Dear Rainey: A Letter to My Former Self June 24, 2012

Dear Rainey,

This is your future self, older Rainey, writing. You are now 20 years old, and on the verge of making big life decisions. I don’t want to mess things up by telling you how we turned out, but I will say we did not become a rock star goddess or a millionaire. There are a few things I would like to tell you, though, that might make life better. I know we get advice from people all the time (and we never listen), but I thought maybe if it came from, well, YOU, that we might actually heed the advice. Here are four things I wish we would consider:

1. Save money. It seems that most problems we have today involve issues with money. Our job is a decent one with a good income, but the more money we have the more we seem to spend. Add to that all the unforeseen medical bills, college tuition, and other costs, and we constantly worry about money. If 20 year-old us would start being thrifty, maybe it wouldn’t be so hard.

2. Travel and see the world every chance we get. This seems to go against #1, but really it doesn’t have to. If we learn to be thrifty, we can afford to travel as long as we are smart about it. If we died tonight, our biggest regret would be that we never got to see so many of the great wonders in this world. The reckless (manic??) side of us wants to walk away from the life we have and travel the world. It is an urge we fight every single day.

3. Live alone for a while. When we were younger, we were in such a hurry to get out on our own that we always had to live with others to afford it. While we had great times, we missed the chance to live alone and just be. Living alone teaches you valuable things about yourself, and allows you to become yourself without so many outside influences.

4. Create something every day. We have a creative side that needs to be explored. We can draw, paint, make crafts, and write. To become better, we need to create something every day. It is also a great outlet for our emotions. Creating needs to be a big part of our life.

Ok, Rainey; those are the top four things we need to work on to make our future better. We can start working on these things now, at our current age, but just think how much better life would be if we start at YOUR age?

With much self-love,



12 Responses to “Dear Rainey: A Letter to My Former Self”

  1. emma Says:

    This is wonderful!

  2. bpshielsy Says:

    I’d loved to have gotten advice from a future me 🙂

  3. Fred Says:

    Now, that is one well-rounded list!

  4. My current self loves this post and will take the advice seriously!

    • rainey Says:

      That is great! I wish my younger self would have listened to my elders….on some things, they really knew what they were talking about! Seriously, travel every chance you get, start saving NOW, live alone for a while, and be creative. You will be a better, happier person. ~Rainey

  5. Aimer Shama Says:

    This was so EPIC. I adore this. Sorry Rainy but I will have to steal some of your advice to yourself.

    • rainey Says:

      Hey, you! I’m glad to hear from you again! Welcome back! I enjoyed reading your last two posts, but I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a hard time lately. Hopefully things will turn around soon. You know what they say…what goes up must come down…the story of a bipolar’s life!
      Hugs, Rainey

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