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The Human Race June 6, 2012

en: A glass of water / de: Ein Glas Wasser / t...

en: A glass of water / de: Ein Glas Wasser / tet: Kupu bee ida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am often disappointed in the human race. I consider myself a fairly upbeat person who tends to see the glass as half full (unless I am in a depression, and then I have trouble seeing the glass and couldn’t give a damn if it is empty or full). When meeting new people, I reach out and try to make them feel comfortable. Empathy is one  of my strongest characteristics. When someone behaves in a bad way, I think they must have had a bad day. Inevitably, though, someone does something so wrong, so downright self-serving, that it makes  me ashamed to know that I belong to the same species.

That happened today at work. I witnessed a person with much clout look me (along with several others) in the eye and lie…not once…not twice…but three times. This same person had an agenda and did everything in her power to persuade us to go along with her idea,which was NOT in the best interest of the group.  She did everything she could to sway us. This disappointed me mainly because I knew this lady several years ago and she was a decent person whom I respected. She had a lesser level of authority then, but she did her job with fairness across the board. Now, with a greater amount of authority, she lost her values and morals.

What I witnessed next, however, restored my faith in mankind. This group of people listened, debated, and weighed the pros and cons of the situation. In the end, they did not allow her tactics to sway them and the group voted againest her proposal. When we put it all on the table, the resolution that was best for all won. Was it easy? No, we were given a no-win situation and had to choose the lesser of the evils. But I was proud to be part of the vocal group who stood up to her, debated with her, and stood for what we knew was right. I will be leaving this job in  a few short days, but I am happy to know that today I united with a decent group of people who fought for the right thing today…and won.

So don’t give up on the human race just yet, my friends. For every back-stabbing self-serving human, there are at least twenty hard-working decent people willing to fight the good fight. I am proud to be one of the twenty.


9 Responses to “The Human Race”

  1. Summer Moon Says:

    Great post, Rainey! Dealing with such people is so difficult. I have dealt with people like that too and when it happens it does indeed make me feel as if the human race is going the way of the do-do. I love that you had a positive outcome to your experience, though. That is definitely a pleasant result of what could have been so much more disappointing. You’re so right that there are people out there fighting the good fight, though. It’s so great how you share that with us. You know, it’s funny ’cause prior to blogging, I was starting to view the Internet as a home for only rude and cowardly individuals, who hide behind their computers throwing insults and disrespect to every site that they visit. As a gamer, I have seen way too much of it in that community, and beyond. However, then after joining the blogging community, I have met all of you wonderful people, and I’ve realized that there are a lot of awesome and beautiful people out there in this huge online world. 🙂

    • rainey Says:

      Summer Moon, I agree with you on the blogging world. After i got to know some bloggers, I thought, WOW! This is where all the good people go! It is so amazing to me that I have made such great friends in cyberspace.

  2. james369 Says:

    A great post. Whether or not the glass is half empty or half full, there is always the choice to fill the glass to the brim, and by following your conscience you did just that. Perhaps the happiness you describe is an immediate effect of positive action.

    • rainey Says:

      James, You are so right. Sometimes the biggest choices we make in life is simple how we choose to view things. Perception is reality.

  3. Beautiful post. Both because of the message and because of the way you put it!

  4. Fred Says:

    I love this!

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