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Eye of the Hurricane May 30, 2012

I feel oddly calm. Maybe this is the calm before the storm, or I am in the eye of a hurricane with the worst of the storm coming my way. I have felt impending doom for several days now, and I am usually right. Do you think that those of us who suffer from various mental problems are sometimes blessed (cursed?) with some type of 6th sense? Time to batten down the hatches….it might get rough out here.


6 Responses to “Eye of the Hurricane”

  1. Take care, Rainey. My thoughts are with you and I’m sending positive energy your way. Wish I could do or say more than that, but we all know how this works. Just remember, you’re not alone. We’re all thinking of and rooting for you, that you’ll pull through this alright. *hugs*

  2. Yikes. I find that my “6th sense, whatever that is” is almost always right. Best of luck

  3. Dorothy Says:

    Yes, we are usually right but we are still standing, so you’ll make it again too, try to remember that! But, I’ll send my positive vibes too because they never work for me..lol

  4. Summer Moon Says:

    I hope you are doing ok, Rainey. I do think that we have some sort of “sixth sense” that allows us to have a warning of some sort. I’ve noticed that I can feel something coming too when I am heading into depression in particular. It’s a strange sensation that I feel in the pit of my stomach over and over again. It’s so hard to describe to my doctors. It just comes and almost immediately goes, until eventually it will not leave.

  5. S. Says:

    Hey Rainey,
    Yes, I think we hone our negative day telling abilities quite quickly once we realize that we are indeed depressed. It took me a long time to actually accept it and move one. You are a beautiful person and have tons of people rooting for you. If you ever want to chat privately, please don’t hesitate to send me an email! ::D

    On another note, I nominated you fora couple of awards! If you want to accept them you can find the images here: http://secretworldofs.wordpress.com/2012/05/27/oh-glorious-day-i-have-been-award-s-ed/

    Best and tons of love,
    xo – S.

    • rainey Says:

      S., Thank you so much! I haven’t had time to publicly accept the awards, but I will soon. You are a sweet friend. Hugs, ~Rainey

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