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Burnt Toast and Handmade Cards: Happy Mother’s Day May 13, 2012

Here in the US it is Mother’s Day today. There are some fathers who take young children out shopping to buy the mother a heart-shaped necklace, or a family ring, or some other sentimental jewelry. In my family, we don’t buy gifts or make a big deal about it. Growing up, my girls would labor over handmade cards filled with crayon hearts and flowers. I have a keepsake box filled with these precious artifacts of a child’s unconditional love for a mother.  As they got older, it became a “surprise” breakfast in bed. I would stay “asleep” in bed, becoming increasingly alarmed as I heard the banging of pans and the smell of burnt food. Eventually, the two together would crash through my bedroom door, yelling “Happy Mother’s Day” with a tray of cold overcooked eggs, burnt toast, and coffee. The coffee was always good, and I choked down the rest. I sometimes received a coupon book with my breakfast. The coupon book was a handmade booklet of “free” extra  chores my girls would do for me. They always included the expiration date and this disclaimer: “This coupon cannot be used with any other coupon”. My girls love me, but they are smart. They didn’t want to spend an entire Saturday completing a booklet full of chores.

Nowadays, they give me a hug and wish me Happy Mother’s Day. Money is always an issue in my family, so I discourage them from buying gifts. Even if money wasn’t a concern for them, I wouldn’t want a gift. I am a mother because that is the path I chose in life. The gifts they have given me over the years are the only gifts I ever want. Here are just a few of the precious gifts I have received:

1. Love: When they were both born, I felt a love like no other. As infants, I could see the love as I held them close and gazed into their big, trusting eyes. As my girls grew, the love changed and expanded, but is always there, shimmering under the surface.

2. Pride: Oh, how proud I am of my children! I am proud of the way they have overcome obstacles in life. They are extraordinary humans with talents and flaws and scars, and I love them for it.

3. Friendship: This is the great gift I enjoy now that they are older; I truly enjoy being with them. We spend time together and they can make me laugh until I cry. We value humor in my family, because sometimes you have to joke and laugh about life to keep from crying.

So,  you see, I have all that I need. Happy Mother’s Day, friends.



2 Responses to “Burnt Toast and Handmade Cards: Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. That’s beautiful. It’s good to read that you embrace the real value of mother’s day, without the need to spend money. Enjoy the rest of your day, Rainey x

  2. Dorothy Says:

    EXACTLY! I like the memories you wrote about and the sentiments ring true. I’m sure your day was a great one!

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