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All Alone with People, Ducks, and Geese May 12, 2012

As always, when I am entering depression I need alone time. I grab my camera, jump in the car, throw in some good music, and drive. I’m not a danger, (I don’t think),  but I go into a fugue state where I zone out for a while and drive by auto-pilot. When I come to, I usually find myself near water. Today was no exception.

I found myself at a small lake on the west side of a nearby town. I sat on the bench and watched the ducks, geese, and people. There was a boy, about three years old, with his grandfather who sat on the hood of the truck and ate McDonald’s. They sat together and watched the ducks while bonding over cheeseburgers and fries. Another man sat with his young son in the car. They had a snack of animal crackers and shared sippy straw juice drinks. After eating, the father carried the son to see the birds up close. The child seemed frightened of the noise the geese made, but interested in seeing them from the safety of his dad’s arms. I watched two people out in the lake fishing from a boat . They seemed content to just fish together without conversation. Maybe there was nothing to say because they just enjoyed the time together. More people stood fishing on a short pier. They, too seemed content to just be together without many words.

I feel invisible when I observe people like this. No one sees me, no one acknowledges me. I am fine with this. Where I live, I am semi-famous, well-known for my job in this small community. I like being able to fade into the background for a change.


6 Responses to “All Alone with People, Ducks, and Geese”

  1. bstonehouse Says:

    There is something about spending time in nature that helps to centre us. I’m glad this is where you end up when you need to get back to yourself. Take care, Brenda.

  2. iamlenise Says:

    Thanks for sharing this post..reminds me of my day yesterday 🙂 Peace, quiet, thoughts, nature, a camera…and a flock of geese!!

  3. Dorothy Says:

    A nice post…even reading it reminds me of when I could do that….just sit and watch and absorb my surroundings and not “exist”, safe in the shell of my car. Actually, it seemed like a form of meditation until I had to return home.

  4. clownonfire Says:

    This post was peaceful to me. I like that.
    Le Clown

    • rainey Says:

      Thank you, Le Clown. I am glad it gave you peace. I have kept you in my thoughts. I have strong feelings about the overuse of medications for ADHD, so my heart goes out to you as you deal with the doctors and exwife. Many teachers, doctors and others believe that children are all supposed to be little well-behaved mini adults, but they are NOT. They are children who are messy, loud, and often annoying. They are not little robots who sit at desks in school and recite “Yes, Mrs. Teacher”. Oh, well sorry; I didn’t mean to get carried away. I just want you to know: I get it. I support your efforts in the best interest of your child. He is one lucky little dude to have you, Mr. Le Clown, as his father. [hugs] ~Rainey

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