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Lucky 100 April 21, 2012

I have managed to reach a milestone. Actually, I have reached two milestones today. First, I wrote my 100th post earlier. It doesn’t seem like I have written that many, but according to the WordPress Gods who keep up with these things, it was number 100. This one will actually be number 101, if you are keeping count.

My second, and most important milestone is….(insert drum roll)…..I received my 100th follower today, …………………………………………….. and……………………wait for it……………… it was none other than Le Clown, from Le Clown On Fire. (If you haven’t read his blog, you should run over there now and read it).  Seriously, I am honored (honoured, for my friends across the pond) that there are FIVE people, let alone 100 who want to read anything I write.

So this thanks goes out to all 100 of you….you know who you are! 🙂 Thanks for joining me on this wild ride of life!



A Work In Progress

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I love Gotye, and this video expresses how I sometimes feel about life. It seems as if we are all trudging through each day, going through the motions of living. Often we are just counting the moments until the weekend. The weekend, if you count Friday afternoon from, say, 5:00 on, consists of 55 hours. Take away 8 hours of sleep per each night, and that leaves 31 hours. So, we spend all week busting our butts, working at whatever job it is we do, so we can pay the rent, buy our food, and spend 31 hours doing…what? Often, I spend my weekends doing things I didn’t have time to do during the week. I have a demanding job that requires me to bring work home several nights a week and on the weekends. I can usually be found on any given weekend washing laundry,grocery shopping, cleaning the house, and catching up on work related items. When I do get away (such as my recent mini vacation), I have to double up the workload during the following week to get everything completed.

I know I should feel blessed to have a good job, and I do. I am not, by any means, complaining about what I have in life. My real purpose in this post is in looking at how I am living my life, and trying to decide if I am living it in the best way. The mindset of “I can’t wait until the weekend” is not how I want to live anymore. I want to appreciate every day I have, especially when I have a depression-free day because those days are rare. I am trying to learn to live in the moment.

As always, I am a work in progress.