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A Gift April 18, 2012

Take a deep, cleansing breath. Smell the salt in the air as a warm breeze gently caresses your face. Focus on the lovely sound of the surf as it rolls in and crashes against the sand. The rhythmic sound repeats over and over again. Let your eyes gaze at the wondrous colors of the morning sky as shades of pink and blue decorate the horizon. This is your peace, your moment to hold.

May this gift give you calm, peace, and joy.


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Summer Solstice Musings

So do I.

Sexual abuse is a horrible thing AT ANY age. But when it’s done to children, I find it particularly despicable.

As an MD in my native country, I saw many cases of child sexual abuse. I used to work at a third level hospital and what I saw broke my heart. Some children even needed extensive reconstructive surgery. I vowed to some day do something about it.  And while I know that support for victims and their families is extremely valuable, I’m more interested in prevention.

The opportunity finally came in September 2010 when I saw a tweet from @VoiceFound on the #Ottawa feed inviting people to attend a workshop on Childhood Sexual Abuse Prevention!

I did a little research, concluded the thing was legit, and signed up for the workshop.

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