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Liebster Blog Award April 14, 2012

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Thank you seems too small, but what else can I say? Thank  you to Sara for the nomination! Sara, who has become such a beacon of light to many of us, took the time to honor me. She has a beautiful soul that I hope one day she can see for herself. Her courage and grace astounds me everyday and encourages me to keep going.

So, these are the rules, as I understand them:

1) Thank the nominator

2) Link back to them

3) Copy and paste the award logo

4) Nominate five other bloggers for the award

5) Tell my readers 10 random facts about me

#1, 2, 3: check. Now for number 4: My nominations. These are some other friends who I have found that make the world a better place every day. I want to thank them for writing, creating, and sharing.

Alice Through the Macro Lens

My Bipolar Bubble

The Bipolarized

The Noise of Silence

Unclothed Soul

Now for the 10 random things about me….

1. I am a lefty living in a right-handed world. Like with most things, I have adapted and hardly notice anymore…but I always notice other lefties!

2. When I am out somewhere watching people walk by (at the park, the mall, etc.) I make up wild and random stories about them.

3. I once dressed in a gorilla costume at work, and walked around greeting people. For no particular reason.

4. I could leave the people in my life easier than I could the dogs in my life. My dogs mean the world to me.

5. I didn’t speak my first word until I was 2 years old.

6.  When I get hot while I am sleeping, I stick one foot out from under the covers and it cools me off.

7. I have horrible allergies in the spring. Grass hates me.

8. I have two favorite times of the day. The first one is before sunrise, when I drink my coffee and have the house to myself. The second is late at night, after everyone else is in bed, when there is a quiet and calm after the day is over. Unfortunately, I have to sleep, so I can’t have both of my favorite times in one day.

9. I have a terrible fear of….mice. I can handle snakes, alligators, bats, spiders, or anything else, but if a tiny mouse runs across the floor I turn into a shrieking maniac on top of the nearest table.

10. One of my favorite pastimes is drawing house plans. I like drawing different versions of my dream house, which is actually a very small cottage in the middle of the forest (in the mountains, near water, of course).


The Versatile Blogger Award

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Versatile Blogger Award

If you accept the Versatile Blogger award, these are the rules that I will send along your way.  Please follow or bend as you feel compelled to do:

1. Thank the person who nominated you and post a link to their blog in your post.

2. Tell 7 random things about yourself.

3. Nominate 7 other fabulously versatile bloggers.

Wow! When I started blogging, I didn’t know there were awards. I have actually been stunned that ANYONE would even want to read what I write! For those who do read, thank you! It means more than I would have thought that there are others out in cyber world who understand and relate to my writings and pictures.

First, let me thank James, who nominated me for this award. You can find James here. Please check out his blog; he uses his camera and his valuable insights to explore the world. You will not regret any time spent with him. : )

Now, the random things about me….

1. I have big feet. As a teenager I was so embarrassed about me feet that I would not wear sandals or any shoes that showed my feet. Now? I could care less….my big feet are the LEAST of my problems! : )

2. No one in my family knows that I blog. I like it that way.

3. I listen to music every single day of my life. It is a constant soundtrack playing that helps define who I am.

4. I notice strange things about people and places, but often overlook normal details. For example, I can tell you that your left eye has more flecks of gold and is slightly smaller than you right eye, but I couldn’t tell  you what clothes you are wearing.

5.  I am spiritual, but not religious.

6. Sleeping seems a waste of time, and it bothers me that I have to sleep. We only have so long here on Earth, and I don’t want to waste it sleeping!

7. I have a very eclectic style because I like too many things to settle for just one.


My 7 nominations for 7 fab bloggers are as follows:

In Other Words

Clouds of Colour

Broken Light Photography

Appalachian Trail

Me Myself and Ela

In a Yacto

Everyday Climb

Each of these bloggers and each of these blogs mean something to me. They have inspired me with their photos, poetry, and prose. Thank you all for sharing your world.

Hugs to you all