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Because of Owen, I don’t Wear Dresses April 4, 2012

If you could go back in time and relive your life, would you change anything? Most people would say no, I wouldn’t change a thing. My past is what makes me who I am today.

I have thought about that question a lot lately. How would it change me, if, for example, I hadn’t climbed the monkey bars at school with a dress on, and if that punk kid Owen hadn’t pointed and laughed because he saw my panties? Of course, no self-respecting first grader would stand for that, so  I jumped down and smacked him. Hard. He cried, told the teacher (because he was a wimp), and I got in trouble! Okay, so we won’t talk about the fact that I was the stupid one on the monkey bars wearing a dress. That was beside the point! Would I be a different person today if that event had not happened? I think my aversion to wearing dresses must have originated on that fateful day. If Owen had never seen my panties and humiliated me in front of a playground full of seven-year-olds, I might have a closet full of beautiful dresses and skirts, all colors and lengths. Instead, I  wear pants every single day.

So, I must say, if I could do things over, I would have worn pants that day. Or Owen would have been at home sick with the measles. And instead of sitting here in my cotton slacks, I would be writing this in my new spring dress.


6 Responses to “Because of Owen, I don’t Wear Dresses”

  1. We must have gone to the same school because that happened to me, too. Except I wasn’t on the monkey bars. It took me 30 years to voluntarily wear a dress.

  2. I really enjoyed this cute post!

  3. Summer Moon Says:

    “And instead of sitting here in my cotton slacks, I would be writing this in my new spring dress.”

    Or, maybe you wouldn’t be writing at all, at least especially this post, since there would be no story to tell. But instead, you do have a story to tell that deeply connects with people like me. I hate wearing dresses too, and I had Owens in my life who I wish I had the courage to do what you did and smack ’em hard! 🙂

    I agree with you, that our pasts make us who we are today. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. kyllingsara Says:

    I enjoyed your post. Hopefully Owen had matured into a thoughtful man. Lol.

    ~ Sara

  5. kenajos Says:

    It’s amazing to me how we are shaped by these small moments in life. He uttered some words and you became something because of it…I would bet he doesn’t even remember the incident, unless you two have remained friends. These stories we carry with us have so much power…just amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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