Rainey Daze and Crazy Nights

Poetry, Paintings, and Ponderings: Through My Eyes

The Good Little Girl March 26, 2012

Take his hand her mother said

to go play a game

now be a good little girl and do what he says

So I was a good little girl and I held his hand

as he led me into the woods.

You are such a pretty little thing

you must do what I say, he smiled down at me

we will play hide and seek from the others

so I smiled back because I was a good little girl

who always tried to obey.

He whispered  lie down, be quiet

it was a fun game to play and we could win

as long as I obeyed and was a good little girl

so I did what he said

and I lay in the leaves like a good little girl.

Suddenly his weight pressed me down

all part of the game, he whispered

that all good little girls played

so quietly I lay, even through the pain

because I was always a good little girl.

After hours, it seemed

he said the game was over

and I shouldn’t  cry, after all, we had won

my mother would be proud

because I had been such a good little girl.


6 Responses to “The Good Little Girl”

  1. ayasonice Says:

    This is such a touching piece. It’s so heart-wrenching to know that the innocence of little boys and girls can be tainted like this. Pure evil… ugh

  2. The simplicity of the narrative has a sinister “Little Red Riding Hood” quality about it which adds to the feeling of foreboding.

  3. rashmenon Says:

    It takes courage to handle this kind of a topic; commendable effort.

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