Rainey Daze and Crazy Nights

Poetry, Paintings, and Ponderings: Through My Eyes

Morning Routine March 26, 2012

the loud alarm buzzed angrily in her ear

she bolted from beneath the warm covers

slapping it silent as she shivered in the chill

Ever so quietly she padded to the kitchen

only to find emptiness in every cabinet

luckily the hard crust of last nights pizza

beckoned from the stinking heap of trash

she crammed the largest in her hungry mouth

wrapped two smaller ones in tissue

to be eaten later, in secret, in shame

Her teeth she brushed with soap

because the tube ran dry last month

she stretched to see her reflection

as she brushed her tangled brown mop

wishing for a moment for a red ribbon..

but wishes, she knew, never came true

a heavy sigh escaped her cracked lips

as she slunk back into her room

careful not to awaken the wrath of the sleepers

the unknown parade of men who slept with her mother

she sniffed the pile of unwashed clothing

pulling on the least offensive jeans and shirt

she was glad it was a day of school

were she would be treated kindly and fed a meal

happily she grabbed her books and slipped out the door

she is seven years old, but wiser than her years





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