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Because July 31, 2010

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She lies still, barely breathing


shivers when she hears

what she dreads nightly

HE is home

She pulls the flowered sheet

tightly around her

maybe, maybe, tonight

HE won’t come in

maybe, maybe, tonight

HE would be tired.

but maybe’s never work

the doorknob turns slowly

her mouth is dry

heart  pounding

suddenly HIS  hand appears

she closes her baby blues

HE clutches her roughly

she disappears inside herself

where nothing can hurt


DADDY is home.


6 Responses to “Because”

  1. Wow this is intense. You captured her fear and instilled it within me along with anger and a good ass kicking. Really carefully constructed I this read true to a child’s fear. “she disappears inside herself/where nothing can hurt” made my heart swell knowing this nightmare is true for so many children. I thought this to be a really powerful piece.

  2. Kavita Says:

    ohhh..this sent shivers thru’ me!!! It was very disturbing… like while watching an episode of Law and Order – SVU…
    Why do some children have to go thru’ this?!?!?

    A very heartfelt write… very soulful and sad.. but beautiful nonetheless..

  3. I wish my mother had lived long enough to stumble upon your blog. She was a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and I wish she had known more people who could truly relate to her plight.

    Anyway, this is a good poem. It captures well some of the awful things my mother described to me when she finally started telling me what her father did to her.

  4. Have discovered your webblog via bing the other day and absolutely enjoy it. Keep up the truly great work.

  5. mommylebron Says:

    If you were to change “baby blues” to “big browns” you could be telling my story. The one I haven’t been able to give words to fully just yet. Beautiful and haunting, and a sad, sad reality for too many of us.

  6. 1markt Says:

    he’s not a daddy, he’s a pervert and there are places for assholes like that. This piece is helpful because it illuminates the sadness of the situation and I can hear her silenced screams, and it lets all little girls know they can call for help, because daddy is dead wrong and perhaps should be dead, but above all he will not continue to inflict this pain with impunity. Very poignant and sadly, all too real. This was gripping,

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